Nextcloud Mail - Ability to set Sent folder to empty

Hey guys,

I wonder if it would be able to set Sent folder to none/empty as some providers like Outlook/Google automatically place a sent mail copy in the sent folder and when a client also does you end up with duplicates of sent mail.

Or maybe create an option to disable “Place copy in sent folder” for the specific account.


It is absolutely normal that a mail client app places a copy of a sent email in the Sent folder. If Google shows a kind of misbehavior in this case, what I cannot confirm with my account, you should disable this feature in your Goolge account settings :wink:

Google only does that when you use their WEB CLIENT, not when you use IMAP.

Thats exactly the problem. If a provider automatically places a copy and a client also does there should be an option to at least disable it on the client, so you dont end up with duplicates.