Nextcloud Login Not Showing Up on Ubuntu Webserver

Hey Guys,

Sorry this is my first time with Nextcloud and I was hoping to get some assistance. My nextcloud server installed without a config.php file and it is showing a document with emails and code. Does anyone know how to fix this so I can sign into the nextcloud webserver that I need to complete my ITN assignment?

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Do you want to describe a problem? Then we need data. Detailed data on all the steps you have taken so far.
The only thing I can tell from your post is that your web server (I don’t even know which one) is running on an Ubuntu server (which Ubuntu?) and that you don’t have a config.php (that’s bad!)
Then you talk about an ITN assignment. How am I supposed to know your abbreviations and does that have anything to do with the technical problem you’re facing?
No one here is clairvoyant and our crystal balls are all in use right now, so I can really only refer you to the manual, which clearly describes how to install a Nextcloud server on Ubuntu.
If you still need help, then you have to come up with real details and not just say “It doesn’t work, what should I do?”

It’s no rocket science and thousands have done it before you, so keep trying until you get it!

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Thanks I’ll take a look at the manual

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