Nextcloud loads only once through reverse proxy after setup then stops

Operating system and version : Unraid 6.12.8 docker
Nextcloud version: [Nextcloud Hub 7] 28.0.3) - latest linuxserver docker
Apache or nginx version : using swag in place of nginx - latest linuxserver docker

The issue you are facing:

I am working to recreate the nextcloud setup that I had previously working with no issues up until a few days ago. I had an issue with my docker.img on unraid and simply wanted to start things fresh for all dockers.

I setup mariadb and nextcloud and confirmed on the local network that everything was working as it should.

Next I setup swag as my reverse proxy along with all the settings such as trusted domain, https protocol and such in the nextcloud.subdomain.conf same as my previous setup. All looked great as I was able to load nextcloud via my subdomain just as before. sadly this lasted only for a couple of minutes.

I am now getting the error "this site cannot be reached - took too long to respond ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT – even though it connected fine the first time I tried.

I am at a loss for where to look for a cause when it initially worked as it had on the previous setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am not sure what if any logs to post as I do not understand why it worked the first time and then stopped.