Nextcloud loaded in /root and can I mv it to the home folder

Hello first I want to thank you for the greatest soft ware in the world. :slight_smile: I noticed that when I installed Next cloud on my server it loaded on root directory. is there a way to load it in the home folder. If I can’t then I will have to increase the size of my root directory. When I set up my drive for my Ubuntu Server: I set it up this way: I used a 1TB drive: / boot 1GB / root 120GB/ Swap 8GB / home 830GB. Can some clear this up for me.

Which OS are you using?

Unless I’m missing something, you should be able to just move everything over to the /home partition. You will need to update your web root in Apache or Nginx, whichever you’re using.
As a test you could try copying (not moving) the directory to the /home partition, and then renaming the original Nextcloud folder on the /root to verify things are working. Once that works, just remove the old copy from /root.

I am sorry Ubuntu Sever my distor of choice.16.04 LTS. I guess I am setting here trying to rap my head around moving the data file to my home folder. then what hope for the best. Is that all or do I move the hole nextcloud folder. to the my home folder? I trying fine find some one on Youtube that had done this. This will be my first time . Can you point me to a to the right direction where some one can show me how to do this. I just don’t want to jack this up. LOL

OH Yes by the way Thank you for the quick responses; Linucksrox

You could go either way, move just the data or move the whole thing, but that really depends on how you want it configured and whether you have already started syncing and sharing files (did you get that far into it?)
I personally prefer to separate the data folder because it’s easier to manage. But your opinion of easy may differ, and it might be easier for you not to split them up. If you’re not sure, just plan on keeping it all together.

Moving directories is easy using mv /source /destination, like:
mv /root/nextcloud /home/nextcloud

yes what I was thinking was to by a 2T drive and reinstall ubuntu server
but this time give the root about a 1TB of space then I want have to
worries about the size and set up a external drive to handle the

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It’s always good experience to start from scratch and reinstall the OS.

If you haven’t already, the Nextcloud documentation is really good, and has a lot of helpful information.

Also RiegerCloud is a really good resource.

Ok what I did was i brought a 4TB drive. I install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I set up swap 2GB and used the rest of home drive to setup my server. Check out Youtube how to set up a samba server: Doing that I don’t have to worry about space, at least for a little while. The way I had it set, at first which raised the question in the first placed. I set up my drive: 1GB Boot, 130GB Root, Swap 8GB and the rest went to the home /. Seeing that Next worked on the root you can see the space issue i was going to have seeing that my home drive had all the real space.