Nextcloud linux client loops creating keyring


I am using simple desktop based on IceWM and Xorg. I was using it with Nextcloud client 2.5 and Fedora 25 and i was logged in cloud by password and it was using gnome-keyring to save it. That was fine.

Now I have installed Fedora 31 and Nextcloud client 2.6.1 (from repo). When I try to login via new login mechanism - I get infinite keyring creation dialog. That means when nextcloud client starts it asks for creation of new keyring named “Default” two times. I can either enter password or cancel it. When browser opens with authorizing link - client is logged in and window with keyring creation appears again. It will continue opening when i enter password or cancel it. It will not stop opening until client is running and is also blocking work in other windows.

I moved out .config/Nextcloud and .local/share/keyring folders and this do not change anything. Also I found that keyring is never actually created.

What I may do for further investigation?

Client output mention a problem:
Fontconfig warning: “/usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/05-reset-dirs-sample.conf”, line 6: unknown element “reset-dirs”
[87488:87488:1203/] Out of memory.
–2019-12-03 12:04:29--

But I don’t see if that matters, because I have lot of free memory on PC and this happens only on client start.

Logdebug not show any significant errors, except

[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished QNetworkReply::ContentNotFoundError “Server replied “404 Not Found” to “POST”” QVariant(int, 404)
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid QNetworkReply::ContentNotFoundError
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid “Error transferring - server replied: Not Found”

I have installed 2.5.3 from older FC31 release and it works fine.

If this pops up directly after an update, you can directly contact the developers.
Please report this to the bugtracker: