Nextcloud limit "232go" on windows explorer


first of all I would like to specify that my nextcloud is at the last version, that it is virtualized with 2 cores/4giga ram/1To HDD on a proxmox host which is not in my local network.

When I enter the WabDav address " " in windows explorer it displays 232Go but in FAT can it be the cause of the problem? if so how to change it because in Nextcloud the partition is in ext4 ( explorer_FaZHO40K51.png | XBackBone ) while as said above my VM has 1To of disk ( chrome_LOETX81tH8.png | XBackBone ).

I created an account for a friend who has mounted the webdav on your android phone with a 300GB quota, it is well limited to 300GB.

When I connect with the Nextcloud application on my iPhone or on the site I have the limitation to 300Go if I put it at 300Go and no limit if unlimited quota.

I tried:

  • disconnect/reconnect the network share
  • change the letter of the network location
  • reset the network of my pc
  • delete the content of " C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Temp\TfsStore "
  • re-install Windows 10

Thank you in advance for your help

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