Nextcloud LDAP/AD integration error

After install nextcloud on new server with using nginx,
faced a problem with configured ldap settings,
after writing all settings in ldap and drop down button “Verify settings and count” user or group,
nothing happens and an error appears in the logs.
I tested configuration nginx from docs.nextcloud latest and 19 release, result is the same, error.
Nextcloud in a subdir of the NGINX webroot.

Error	index	ValueError: The arguments array must contain 4 items, 1 given
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/L10N/L10NString.php - line 88:
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/L10N/L10N.php - line 127:
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/L10N/LazyL10N.php - line 56:
/var/www/nextcloud/apps/user_ldap/lib/Wizard.php - line 177:
/var/www/nextcloud/apps/user_ldap/ajax/wizard.php - line 96:
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Route/Route.php - line 155:
require_once("/var/www/ne ... p")
OC\Route\Route->OC\Route\{closure}("*** sensiti ... *")
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Route/Router.php - line 306:
/var/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php - line 1023:
/var/www/nextcloud/index.php - line 36:

Configuration nginx include latest settings

rewrite ^/nextcloud/(?!index|remote|public|cron|core\/ajax\/update|status|ocs\/v[12]|updater\/.+|oc[ms]-provider\/.+|.+\/richdocumentscode\/proxy) /nextcloud/index.php$request_uri;

Nextcloud version: 24.0.3
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
nginx version: 1.22.0
PHP version: 8.1
Steps to replicate it:

Go to LDAP integration settings
Make sure that you have selected active LDAP integration settings profile
Drop down button “Verify settings and count the” user or group