NEXTCLOUD latest features, free or not?

Hi I have self-hosted nextcloud latest (13-Sep-2023) community edition.
During installation it asked me if I wanted to install extra features, like the email client, the collabora online embedded CODE and other.

My question is simple:

Are these features (collabora online CODE, email client) free in the community edition?
Will they be locked or limited in features anyhow after a while, so I won’t be able to use them anymore?

Can you please give me a clear answer on these?

Thank you very much.

Nextcloud itself is free and the difference is just in terms of support. There is the notification function for the mobile apps, that pass through a Nextcloud company server that are limited for personal users (free use policy up to 500 users):

(if you don’t have to use this feature).

For the office solutions, the default (pre-build) images had some limits as well, usually a number of parallel users (10 or 20). You can build your own images without these limits):

If you want customized desktop/mobile clients, with subscription they can help you. Not sure if you could do all by yourself, the code is open source, so it might just be a bit more painful.

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Thank you very much!

It is clear then that CODE has limitations. I am not sure what the result of CODE compilation will be (an installable package for nextcloud?, some files I need to replace in the existing CODE plugin installed in nextcloud?) Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page

Also, the page Fair use policy - Nextcloud is not clear:
" Nextcloud provides some infrastructure components needed for Nextcloud servers to function reliably. This includes notification services, our app store and more. To ensure these resources do not get overloaded by administrators who run Nextcloud for thousands of users without providing financial resources to Nextcloud in return, these components are limited and will not work for more than 500 users."

Which components specifically? Is there a list or something that clearly explains which and what limitations? Is the basic community edition (core) going to be limited to 500 users (concurent or total)? These are things we need to know before.

Thank you

I think it is mainly this notification via mobile apps. And people have hit this limit in the past. Regarding the app store, we haven’t seen limitations so far. However, the use does not really depend on the number of users on your setup.

The main part remains the support, meaning if your setup fits into your company IT (specific storage backend, authentication service with or without 2FA), then it is good to have some experts at hand.

Unfortunately the web site is not very specific about what is working and what is not working and if it is essential or could be turned off easily. Perhaps an idea to put more details into the documentation (here is the repository if you want to make a request: Issues · nextcloud/documentation · GitHub)

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