Nextcloud Javascript API documentation broken

I see that the documentation for the JavaScript API is broken.

Is there any other place where I could find it?

Hey, maybe you can find the answer here nextcloud-libraries · GitHub

That’s where you found the link to documentation. Which I’m afraid is broken.

What are you looking for?

I need the documentation to work with Nextcloud Javascript libraries that can be downloaded from Github, like @nextcloud/auth or @nextcloud/files. They both mention in the comments:
" For more information check []"
But the link is not working.

For auth, the url is not up to date. It would be @nextcloud/auth the link for files is similar.

Yes correct. It seems the documentation is not active.
Do you know any documented library for Typescript library to access Nextcloud server from apps?

At least, I can access it. What do you mean by not active?

Unfortunately, I am not a Typescript dev so I am of little help here. Just a small hint: Are you willing to access the server (core) from within a NC app (as published on the app store) or from a third party website/local application running in a Node environment (or whatever this is for Typescript)? You want to access the files or something else?

OK. I just managed to access the documentation also for the files.
I need to access the files in the server using my hybrid app.
It just seems that the link I found was not complete.
These two work:

Thank you for your support.

The repository was moved from the nextcloud organization to the nextcloud-libraries. With that the URL was changed but not correcly updated. The link you are referring is just a link to the page itself. If you want, you can file a PR.

I fear, you will have to use WebDAV. There should be plenty of clinets out there, most prominent seems webdav - npm. Maybe you look there for a way to access the server’s files.