Nextcloud is not using pre generated previews for external storage

So I wanted to speed up thumbnails loading in Nextcloud, so I set up PreviewGenerator.
It worked fine creating previews.
It worked fine for viewing images stored in Nextcloud itself.
But when viewing images that are stored in external storage, Nextcloud is not using the generated previews of the images, even if they are created by the generator, its instead creating new ones.

Anyone know why and how to fix? is there a setting somewhere?

I am running Nextcloud version 18.0.4 in docker in unRAID.

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I guess no one knows :frowning:

Still havent found a fix

In my case this works for an external hard drive. Did you use occ files:scan --all before generating preview ? I often have to use this command make nextcloud aware of the files on the external storage.

Yes, its not that the previews havent been created, they have. I looked through where previews are and found some of them.
Its that they arent used even if they exist.