Nextcloud is looking to hire in sales, development

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Nextcloud is growing - the community is incredibly active and the business behind it is growing fast as well. We need sales engineers, an account manager and help with embedded development; as well as various other engineering tasks. Are you interested? Submit your resume!

We’re a young, fun, growing company with a mission: help people protect their data. We work internally much like an open source project: many people work from home or from a co-working space, we have very flexible hours and everyone has a say in where the company is going and what it does. We are looking for people who share our vision and way of thinking. Experience with the Nextcloud codebase or product in general is a big plus but don’t hesitate to contact us even if you didn’t get any pull requests merged!

If you’re interested in working for us, send us your resume at

I would absolutely love to work with you guys, and have a background in sales and marketing as well as over a decade of contributing in FOSS (since before Ubuntu “Dapper Drake” cough lol). I don’t speak more than a tiny smattering of German though (although I love learning languages, and would gladly learn for the position). All your other positions seem to have fluent German as a prerequisite, but could this potentially be negotiable for the right candidate?