Nextcloud iOS app review

Here is a review of my experience with the Nextcloud iOS app for iPhone and iPad. It has improved over the last year, but remains problematic… I truly hope it will continue to improve! Please note that my iOS mobile app review is not to be confused with the desktop application for MacOS.

What has my experience been like?

There is very limited compatibility with Browse app on iOS 11, and files cannot be accessed or added from within iOS without internet connectivity. It is difficult to tell how well integrated the app actually is with iOS.

This Nextcloud client does not see local files of any kind and will just attempt to download anything not marked as a “favorite” even though the original copy still lives on the device. I wish it were possible to browse my local device files from within the Nextcloud iOS app, choosing which should sync. “Favorites” are treated in special ways by Nextcloud that do not interest me, and all I want is offline viewing of the files that exist on my server.

It would be nice to see some visual highlight for the current tab I have selected. Application always opens to Files, but it would be nice to open to whatever tab is related to a notification instead, such as pending Transfers.… or, when there are pending transfers, double tapping the red 1 symbol could take you directly to that transfer screen.

Since you only see four actions along the bottom of the app I’d like to be able to customize which are displayed. I don’t use Favorites or Photos so I’d rather swap them out for Activity and Transfers, currently available exclusively by selecting the More action.
A major issue with the iOS client is a complete lack of integration with iOS 11, any local folders, and local files on the device.

Internet access is mandatory for the app to work.

This is what I see when I attempt to save an audio file into Nextcloud from another app. Nothing works unless I have a wifi / data connection, but Nextcloud does show up on a browsable location on my device. Sadly that Nextcloud directory in the Browse app returns the same error.

Strangely, the file and folder names are still accessible within the Nextcloud app itself without internet access.

Unfortunately, I often find myself without internet connectivity on my ipad or will turn off wifi to save battery, etc… My google drive works just fine offline so I hope Nextcloud will catch up. Dropbox has also introduced offline Smart Sync functionality, which a current feature request on the Nextcloud github.

In Conclusion

The iOS app for Nextcloud does not provide enough functionality for me to rely on it in any sort of meaningful way. It is a skeleton app I hope will one day include more features… perhaps a reader could recommend another webdav app for me to use to sync my server files from iOS.


Does this app include Pretty Urls support? Or is the server api missing this functionality? See this github issue for reference.


Thanks for sharing your detailed experience. I also hope that the iOS app is someday useable. For me and others with many files, transfers are not even working.

I haven’t found a way to effectively sync in the meantime.

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I completely agree. Photos inside NextCloud iOS app isn’t integrated with Camera Roll, so it’s a redundant system like you might need to have two copies on the same phone to view it both on camera roll and in NC app. That’s double the memory, the app should be smart to know if it already exist on phone (ya just uploaded) no need to download a copy from server.
Unlike photo thumbnails, the thumbnails for videos don’t auto generate (to get video thumbnails, u need to download the video itself, then it will appear) and hard to distinguish thumbnail of videos from thumbnails of photos. Would be nice to have a button to autogenerate all photos/videos thumbnails without scrolling down (e.g. avoid row-by-row auto generated scrolling)
God forbid you accidentally click on a huge video on 4G while in the Photos section, need to terminate the app to stop the download. No dedicated “stop download” icon while in Photos section.
Also need way to manage offline cache files individually, they are scattered green dots all over my directory, I don’t always want to delete all cache.
If these are improved, they will make it equal to DB and OneDrive for me.

Thanks for the review - that has been my experience as well.

Most of the time, I use the Documents App by Readdle to access Nextcloud, save files / folders offline and search files (even fulltext search)…


Does iOS not sync both ways?

It syncs in both ways.

The latest Nextcloud iOS update add support for iOS 11! Major news! Still testing, but can confirm Nextcloud actually shows up as browsable from within iOS.

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Do I have to have new iOS 11 or does it sync both ways on older versions. I only see where the sync just uploads pictures and only to one selected folder. I don’t see where you Can select folders to sync. I see where you and upload it download but that really is not a sync…

The current IOS APP is very slow. When using gallery option it loads more than 5 minutes on my iphone 6. In the browser its much faster and on android too!

The current client is very slow. And the Integration wont work. Can anyone explain this?

Hi @Lars_M, you’ll want to post a new topic for your problem as it is outside the original review. Personally, I jumped ship on iOS as quickly as possible. The experience is just not good enough, especially in comparison to Android and their F-Droid Marketplace of free software development. Good Luck.


I reconfigure my nextcloud and server new. Switched from MySQL to mariadb. Now the cloud at the web and ios client are really fast.

The Problem is solved.

Two years later still completely unreliable garbage. Offline syncs never start. Offline folders completely forgotten. Super slow. Every new update introduces new bugs, reintroduces bugs fixed in the previous update. Forgets entire accounts and gigabytes of offline files. And, worst of all, development is focussed on introducing new features, completely pointless built-in document viewers and editors (, instead of fixing the basics, fixing the pile of turd that this app is. A shame, as otherwise NextCloud just works (aside from completely dysfunctional E2E – also reported two years ago and still not fixed).

Not that any other iOS cloud files service besides the exorbitantly priced Dropbox is any better.

Dropbox: works, but cannot afford it. OneDrive: No Unicode in integration in 2020, prone to failed saves generating phantom files that cannot be deleted or moved, constant 100% CPU in the macOS client. NextCloud:
iOS app is turd as described above. iCloud Drive: Reasonably priced, but no offline files, so forget about it. Not particularly reliable sync; can sometimes take days. Google Drive: Google is spyware, forget about it. SeaFile: Seems to work but requires server and database root access so not a low cost option / not an option for me.

Did you test the new iOS App from ownCloud as well? To complete the comparison below.

No. I’m feeling too lazy to install yet another server software (the ownCloud app doesn’t seem to work with the NextCloud server anymore) only to be severely disappointed. I’m so tired of fighting with dysfunctional and even more dysfunctional cloud drives. I guess I just have to switch to basic USB cable syncing.

How did you expect to help you after using such bad language?

You must have been well educated and should not talk like that.