Nextcloud iOS app not seeing stored data

Did some digging on the forums, Reddit, etc, but couldn’t quite find this one. Nextcloud 27 behind Nginx proxy. Web client and desktop client both connect and see/interact with files. Log in from iOS app with same https url. Can see the root folder (names My_Files), it has 4GB of data in it (that’s correct), but upon entering the folder, the “No Files in Here” message shows. Refresh does nothing.


What version of the client?

Are you doing anything non-default like using E2EE, groupfolders, SMB, etc.?

Anything interesting in the logs on the client side and/or the server side from the time period when you try to access the folder?

Client Version is Nextcloud Liquid iOS v4.8.4.4

SMB is being used for file storage. Dont seem to have any issues accessing that data through Webclient/Desktop App. Using the same user in both places.

Attached is log entry from admin portal:

I also am noticing an issue with the iOS client and accessing files in an SMB connected share. I can access the files in the browser with no issue. I used to be able to access these files in the app, but I don’t use it that often so I’m not sure when the issue started.

In my case these are media files such as mp4 or mp3 and I get an error in the app about VLC being unable to open the MRL.

These URLs are in the apache access logs and show a 404 response. They look like…

I’m not sure if these problems are related or not, but it only seems to happen with media files on the SMB shares. If I put one of these files directly on the nextcloud server it works fine.