Nextcloud ios app background upload

Based on my experience using the NC iOS client app, photos/videos will upload only when I open the app. (I see there is an option for uploads in the background but only if the app can monitor GPS which I would prefer not to do as it tends to drain the battery). Dropbox and iCloud seem to be able to do the upload in the background with no user intervention. Is it possible that the NC app could upload files in the background without having to open the app?

I like the search function of this forum, because it took me less than 5s to find this report :wink:

Thanks. I was trying to understand why Dropbox and iCloud can do this and whether it was even possible to do with NC. The problem was indeed reported but I have not seen anything from developers discussing its feasibility

I don’t know if this will be helpful to anyone else but I added a personal automation so that when I close the Photos app the Nextcloud app is opened automatically. Obviously this is not the same as doing background upload but at least it reminds me to open the app and do the upload.