Nextcloud iOS 2.17 errors

Since installing iOS version 2.17, when I try to make a folder or file a favorite I get the “Request failed: not found (404)” error. I have noticed in the logs lots of these messages, not sure if they are related: “no app in context”,“message”:“Missing expected parameters in change user hook” I am running server version 11.0.2

I have also noticed that things that are marked as favorites are not available offline, even though the “Favorites available offline” switch is turned on.

Question: When a folder is marked as a favorite, are the contents of the folder supposed to be available offline?

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No. Favorites are just favorites and allow you to reach them quicker compared to find them by navigating through folder structure.
To have them offline available you have to download them once and they will stay in your cache.

Update: The 404 error only occurs for LDAP users.

Having the same issue with LDAP users. Any progress?

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Having the same issue with LDAP users.

Found the issue and a workaround. We were using the default UUID for the local username when bringing the users in from LDAP. We found that the iOS app could not translate between the username used to log into the app and the server’s local username (UUID). We found that the username used to log into the app had to match the local username on the server EXACTLY - case sensitive. Using the UUID on the app didn’t work either. Our solution was to change the “Internal Username” attribute on the LDAP Expert tab to userPrincipalName and then have the iOS users use UPN to login to the app (matching case with LDAP). Once the local username exactly matched the username used to log into the app, everything worked perfectly.

Today’s update to 2.17.7 broke the authentication for my users. All are LDAP users. Before the user panic fully sets in, can the developer temporarily revert the app back to the previous build?

There was a rollback, or? Please mark thread as solved. Thank you.