Nextcloud Internal Server Error but no logs

Hey all,

I’ve upgraded Nextcloud to 21 and it runs - everything ok. I’m using Apache2 with PHP7.3 FPM on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

With this upgrade I removed the old php versions which are installed on the system with:

apt purge php5.6*
apt purge php7.0*
apt purge php7.1*
apt purge php7.2*
apt autoclean
apt autoremove

Restart the server after these commands and Nextcloud throws an error 500 on opening a page in the browser (It seems by nextcloud itself - not by apache).

What I did:

  1. I’ve a installation guide and reinstalled the missing packages again. It was php-apcu and php-redis. Restart Server → Didn’t work
  2. I checked the trouble-shooting guid (General troubleshooting — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation).
    2a. I checked the Apache2 Error and Access Log during opening my nextcloud url. In the Access.log I see the access to the page (with a 500) but nothing in the error.log of the Apache2.
    2b. I checked the PHP7.3-FPM error.log in /var/log/syslog (It is written by default in syslog) and I don’t see any message during opening my nextcloud url.
    2c. I checked the nextcloud.log and don’t see any message during opening my nextcloud url.
  3. I created a phpinfo file in the virtual host of my nextcloud instance and I this page is opened successfully without any errors.
  4. My otheer web pages RPI Monitor and PiHole are working too without any problems.

Here are two screenshots:

It looks likes the message comes from NC directly (NC returns a 500) an this is not an error by Apache2 - but it is not written.

Has anybody an Idea what I can try?

Kind regards



I solved it :slight_smile: … I removed the Try/Catch from the status.php and open the URL again. After that the error was thrown to the apache error log and I saw that the php module apcu was not installed correctly. I used “apt install php-apcu” instead of “php7.3-apcu”. After changing this everything is ok now.

Maybe the exception handling can be improved so if the message cannot be written to the nextcloud.log it should be written to the apache log as a last chance exception.

In my case the exception was suppressed and that is not really nice.

Best regards