Nextcloud integration with OpenProject

I’ve just installed latest version of nextcloud on an Ubuntu 22.04 by using snap.
Now I would like to integrate with OpenProject. As an admin I’ve added the app integration, enable it, In the left sidebar I can see that the item “OpenProject” has been added, but when I click on it the panel shows an error:
Some OpenProject integration application settings are not working. Please contact your Nextcloud administrator.

So its even before I can add any data related to external server that hosts my OpenProject installation.
There are no entry in the log files. Any help please?

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Hi Paolo,

You are looking at the wrong settings for setting up the integration. The “Personal” OpenProject settings in Nextcloud are the settings per user.

You first need to setup the integration as administrator in the “Administration” settings for “OpenProject”. The route typically is /settings/admin/openproject.

Once you went through all the admin settings there, every Nextcloud user can go to their personal OpenProject settings and do some refinements, if they like (e.g combining the global search to also search for OpenProject work packages, …). But the personal settings are not needed for making the general integration of files and work packages work.

Wieland (OpenProject Team)

Thanks, you are right, that was the openproject settings related to the admin user not to the system.
Now It worked really easy.

Thanks a lot


Great to hear that it is working for you, now.

Have a great day!

Wieland (OpenProject team)

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