Nextcloud instance is not accessible on the host server or using the DNS

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Nextcloud version : 28.0.2
Operating system and version : openmediavault 6.1.0-0.deb11.13-amd6

For my NAS setup, I have OMV installed on which a stack comprising Nextcloud, mariadb and letsencrypt containers are running. I used duckdns to register a domain and mapped that to my public IP.
I have been able to use the setup to upload my files to Nextcloud successfully for about a couple of months now.
Last week, all of a sudden nextcloud stopped working on browsers within my home network or external with the “Internal server error”.

When I looked at the nextcloud.log within my nextcloud container, I noticed that there was a php memory allocation error. So I increased the memory limit and no longer see that error. There were some warnings from a few apps (Mail, Richtextdocument and Recognize) and I disabled all of them.

I redeployed the stack but still cant get it working.

When I tried access the nextcloud service from the letsencrypt container, using curl command, it returned the html for my login page successfully.

However, when I tried to access it from the host using curl -I https://<dns>:443, it returns a default html page that indicates webpage is being constructed.

Things that I have checked so far

  • Letsencrypt has port forwarding for 443 on the container to the host
  • Port 443 is enabled to forward on my router
  • My host has internet access
  • Duckdns resolution from my host is correctly pointing to my public IP
  • Public IP address has not changed
  • the nextcloud.log does not have any error
  • the ngingx error and access log on letsencrypt container does not contain any error either.

I am a total noob to this and setup everything following instructions from multiple sites in the first place. Networking is not my strongest suit either. So I have spent a week now trying to understand the issue but couldnt understand what is wrong or where to look for more data.

Any help would be highly appreciated.