Nextcloud instance is gone after update


Weird thing has happened to my nextcloud instance. I tried to updated through web interface form 18.0.3 to the latest available version. First the update got stuck at the error that CAN_INSTALL file is not available in the config folder. Following the advice that I found online I have created this file manually using “touch CAN_INSTALL” command.

And now I see the initial setup screen where it asks me to create admin account and new database user, meaning it wants to start from scratch, like my current nextcloud instance doesn’t exist.

My nextcloud server is not available form any of my devices.

I have no idea why that have happened and how to fix this issue. Please advice. I really woud like to restore my existing nextcloud.


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I would do 2 things for beginning:

  1. Check your data directory that all user files are there under ..nextcloud/data
  2. Check your config.php under ..nextcloud/config, what is DB configured there? Is this correct one? Is instanceid your old one?

You can find backup of your application (not user files) under ..nextcloud/data/updater-INSTANCEID/backups/nextcloud- Here you can also find old config.php and compare it.