Nextcloud instance change without changing data location

I am looking to move a Snap instance of Nextcloud from a Raspberry Pi to a different machine for a little more responsiveness. The data is currently stored on a NAS drive. I would like to keep the data in the same location, just changing the machine the instance is hosted on.

The docs (Migrating to a different server — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation) for migration appear to go over moving both the instance and the data. However, I don’t want to move the data, just the instance. Is there a way to do this without copying/syncing the data?


Snap Supports selective backup, so

  1. you may need to issue backup command for DB (and may be settings & apps too?) only.
  2. Then turn off the Running Instance
  3. Install Ubuntu then fresh copy of snap nextcloud on the new machine, grant external / removable storage access to the new snap install.
  4. Assign the same exact static IP as previous in the new machine.
  5. Change the snap data directory to your NAS location
  6. Retore that selective backup.
  7. Make sure to double check directory ownership and permission from the new machine on that NAS directory.

That should do it. NextCloud snap should be working with old user data directory but now on a new machine.

For reference → Refer here for backup options of snap nextcloud How to backup your instance · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki · GitHub