Nextcloud instance at unusal location

Dear Next-cloudians,

I put my Nextcloud instance onto an already working server and seem to have chosen an unusual path - let’s say:

How do I enter the “NEXT” path into the Nextcloud filelink plugin? Putting it directly into the address field doesn’t work since the (mandatory) port is concatenated to it:

BTW: You might have heard that a lot but: Thank you very much for making and maintaining Nextcloud. I do appreciate the ability to run my file storage self-hosted without missing out on multi-plattform client support.

Best regards,


Unfortunately this doesn’t work since the “Port number” field is mandatory. Leaving this field empty grays out the “Create account” button.

Which version of the Filelink addon do you use? Older versions (like 1.4) have this bug:

You could try to zip the contents of the repository into an addon or wait for 1.6.