Nextcloud installation

Guys, I need support for this.
I installed Nextcloud on Ubuntu Server 18.04 using nextcloud wizard (When I was installing Ubuntu Server, I choose “Nextcloud” like aditional application) So, now I have the server Ok, but I need to redirect all trafic from http (80) to https (443). I read in others places how to do that, but I don’t know to do in my case, because, Ubuntu doesn’t has Apache2 like webserver… Someone did the same thing like me??

I need your help.


You van add some lines of code top the .htaccess file in the root of your www folder.

I’m not familiar with the type of installation you die, but there needs to be somewhere a webserver on your machine.

I fix my problem already.
I had to use Lets encrypt to generate SSL Certificate and its Ok.

Just for future reference, what you did was installed the snap package. Ubuntu does have a normal Apache server, but the one in the snap package is a little different.