Nextcloud Install Version 2.5.0

Hy from Austria

I have a big Problem with Nextcloud install.
i start the exe file, and allways create a message.

****************************** in German *************************
nextcloud.exe Prozesse gefunden, die gestoppt werden müssen.
Wollen Sie, dass der Installer diese nun für Sie stoppt?

****************************** in English *************************
nextcloud.exe Prozess found, they must stopp.
would you, that the installer stop it?

Please why Pop this message?
is it a Windows 10 Problem.


It means that you have a Nextcloud client still running whilst you are installing the new one. You can go ahead and say “Yes” if it asks the question, and it should close the old app, stop the service, install the new app (2.5.0) and restart the sync service running in the background.