Nextcloud install failed on TrueNas 13

I installed Nextcloud on TrueNas 13 and everything was fine. I messed up something and uninstall nextcloud. When I try to reinstall it won’t install anymore. I get error massage:


Error: nextcloud had a failure Exception: RuntimeError Message: pkg error: - py38-fail2ban :,py38-certbot : Refusing to fetch artifact and run! Partial plugin destroyed

Can anybody help me please

There is the same error in the TrueNAS forum:

This is something with python and the letsencrypt robot. I suppose the Nextcloud package in TrueCrypt includes the automatic installation of letsencrypt certificates. Therefore you need the py38-certbot (a python package). Not sure what the py38-fail2ban does here.
I’d check who in the TrueNAS world is packaging Nextcloud and if there is a bug tracker for that.

I’m having the same issue, but having it with other apps as well after the TrueNAS 13 update. It’s effecting Emby as well where the management portal is inaccessible.

Most apps are reporting ‘N/A’ on the version details which is also strange.

Release 24.0.2 now works on truenas as of this morning.