Nextcloud include - transparency report


I really like nextclouds inclusive approach and that nextcloud include was created.

I’m wondering whether there is some kind of transparency/activity report.

I’m about to redirect some more money to it and it would great to have some insight into the funds, it’s usage, how many people were supported etc.


edit: Perhaps you can help out on this one, @jan


Hi there! :slight_smile: I’m on vacation so only a brief response for now:

  • We are using KDE e.V. to safekeep the donations.
  • Due to some issues with Bountysource, we are also moving donations from there over to the Include fund.
  • The idea is to list the sources of the funds on the Include website as well.

We did not spend any funds so far for several reasons:

  • In the past we participated in RailsGirls Summer of Code which has its own donation fund.
  • Some of the candidates just end up being contributors, for whom we have the bespoke contributor travel support program where we fund 80%. If they fall into that, it will be reimbursed by Nextcloud GmbH directly instead of Include.
  • The plan is to spend the money on travel funding to get the people to our events they could not otherwise attend. Due to COVID-19 this is of course on hold.
  • We should also look into other ways how we can support these prospective contributors.
  • We need to do better outreach work to get more candidates. This is a bit impeded by the fact that I’m the only person in the organization team so far. I think we need to link this up more with marketing so before the events we give enough advance notice, and do regular blog posts and tweets etc. cc @jos @marinela @marija

At the moment I’m starting to mentor one person, where no funds are spent yet though.

Hope that explains it a bit. :slight_smile: Let me/us know if you have suggestions for improvement, tips, or examples of other transparency reports similar to that.

A lot of groups I’m involved in use Open Collective where all donations and expenses are transparently listed. What we could do is do a list of the donations (with name or not depending on preference of donor) as well as a list of people we funded and for what, along with maybe an introductory blog post from them after e.g. the first month or more so they are properly introduced. cc @jos

Edit: And of course thank you so much for donating! :heart: