Nextcloud in a raspberry 4 (4gb) cluster


I’m planning to build a cluster of 3 or 4 raspberry pi 4 with 4Gb of ram and maybe implementing more in the future.

Basically, I’d like Nextcloud to run under a subdomain of my page like

Also, I would like the files of Nexctloud to be stored in an old HDD I have which would act as a NAS running open media vault

The thing is that I do not know which OS should I install. So far my options are Ubuntu Server or Raspberry Pi OS but I don’t know if I should install the Server version with no GUI since I might need it for future changes, is it possible though, to make those changes from a client accessing the cluster via ssh?

I’m gathering info and resources so any tip, info, or recommendation is appreciated.

Thank you!

You can start here:

You can install Raspberrypi OS Lite.
Does not have GUI as Ubuntu Server

Did you build cluster and installed nextcloud on it?