NextCloud huge storage (20/40 Tb) for corporate network

Hello everyone, I am not an experienced user with NextCloud, but I have done simple NC server with 2Tb storage for the corporate network.

It works perfectly fine and many people really love to use NC as a file server instead of using Windows server folders with on Windows file server with Active Directory.

I have a few questions regarding NextCloud installation and settings regarding backup and storage settings.

The next step is to set up a new server with 20Tb or even 40Tb storage. I tried to find an information regarding best practises to set up NC with 20Tb or even 40Tb, but for me it is not clear how to set up 40Tb storage properly.

First question, how to back up all the information? We use Veeam to back up VMs (Windows Server → Hyper-V VM ->Ubuntu 22.02 → Nextcloud), but backups with 20Tb or even 40Tb are super slow. Is it possible to use different VMs and link group folders with specific VM?

Second question is part of the first question, which is the best way to split data to get proper backup process? Maybe it is better to use a few VMs with a few NCs to split backups and data?

But I guess it will be a headache for users when they need to use “Archive NC”, “Users NC”, “Current Projects NC”, etc.

If someone has a relevant experience with NextCloud settings with storages more than 20Tb, please share your experience and some instructions / manuals for it.

Thank you in advance!

Sorry not about backups but huge installations.


One option would certainly be: Nextcloud Enterprise: Content collaboration software for enterprises

Thank you a lot!

I’ll read this document very carefuly.