Nextcloud Hub Installation/Hosting

Hi there

I recently setup Nextcloud Talk using simple docker images on a Linode VPS for my small business (only 4 - 5 users).

The functionality is just what we need, but the video conferencing was unreliable. When it worked, it was great, but half the time the video wouldn’t connect (the circle just goes round and round).

I need it to work relatively reliably, particularly if I am going to use it for client meetings.

I think that I need a more robust setup, perhaps including a STUN and/or TURN server.

I’d be keen to work with someone who had experience in running a robust Nextcloud Hub installation.

I’d be open to proposals either to (a) pay someone to install on a VPS for me (and then adhoc support as needed) or (b) to pay someone a monthly fee to host and support an installation for me.

I am in the UK, although I would be open to proposals from anywhere.

Please contact me to discuss further by email or telephone.

Many thanks

There is a longer thread on installing your own TURN server. I didn’t go through it, could be that users share a bit of their experience/problems.

Thank you. Having read that thread, it looks quite long and complicated for me.

If possible, I think I’d prefer to pay someone who was already experienced and knew they could get it working reliably.

Could it be that there is not enough RAM - I have 8 users, some in Australia and do not have any issues with talk - excepting the alerts end of it.