Nextcloud Hub - help understanding

I ma using NV 28.02

I want some general understanding. I might be misunderstanding the idea of the NC hub.

I watched this video:

It talks about circles, group folders, work spaces…

In the video(at about 1:38) it talks about a space in the group folder that lets you have a space for that project to add other items related and/or assigned to the project.

This seems to be like a main page where all related resources are linked to the project?

Thanks for any feedback.


Not sure what you mean with “resources”. It is a shared folder with files, folder (perhaps other links) linked to a project that is shared among certain users.
Then with deck you can also integrate with the circles app and than manage team tasks, …
They worked on the integration part over the last versions, but if you have a setup, I’d just play around with that a bit and if you have ideas, check on the corresponding apps, with some chance they are already working on it, if not, you can put new ideas as a feature request.

In contrast to Nextcloud, Nextcloud Hub is in the broadest sense a “commercialisation” or “promotion” of the components that stand for collaborative working.

Nextcloud Hub can be selected during installation, which means that these components (apps) are installed directly. Of course, you can also install Nextcloud without these components if you want to use Nextcloud more as a pure file sharing platform, for example. However, you can then install the components later and still use them.

Over the course of the versions, Nextcloud is constantly endeavouring to improve the collaborative exchange of components. With Workspace, for example, it is possible for subgroups to manage their own group folders. The exchange between the components within Nextcloud Hub is also constantly being improved.

Here the beginning of Nextcloud Hub (1). And here infos to the latest Nextcloud Hub 8.