Nextcloud Hub brings productivity to home office

Automatic logout is great. Even greater, if 2FA be remembered anyway (so that if 2FA enabled, re-login is possible with usr/pwd only as long as the 2FA cookie isn’t deleted). Does anyone know?

NC 19 proposes bcmath and gmp be installed. Does anyone what these are used for and why NC proposes them?

I asked my provider to install them on my managed server and he said they would be unnecessary and could lead to data loss. Does anyone why these could cause trouble?

Those two modules are on mathmatics
One for precise calculs with a lot of numbers after the decimal bcmath and one for arbitrary calculs gmp

They don’t lead to data loss and your provider say that because he doesn’t want to help you in anyway on things he doesn’t know anything.

Sure, I found those here, but that doesn’t explain why NC proposes to install them…

Most likely to do with Excel-like office programs (Collabora and/or OnlyOffice).
They rely on the math abilities of the underlying OS.
Those libraries act as accelerators.

And now Office has been made part of Nextcloud Hub…

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The modules are required for passwordless login. As documented at


uh, are you sure?

The result is in the current server admin documentation:

  • PHP module bcmath (for passwordless login)
  • PHP module gmp (for passwordless login)

In the server code:

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you beat me by several minutes :wink:

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No, I’m not. That’s why I said “most likely”…
The reason I brought up Excel is because this was the simplest way to demonstrate FDIV

This was 25+ years ago, when top of the line CPUs were 66MHz.
And probably (!) before many of today’s posters were born…:slight_smile:

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did anyone find a weird behavior about files preview on this Nextcloud 19?
For example it generates previews for all files (I mean also .pdf, .odt, etc which should not be the default behavior from what I read…) or it doesn’t find some previews when loading a folder and it gets stuck till 404 timeout on that failed get, actually not showing the folder list for 10 or more seconds.

Thank you,
Marco previews for open document are enabled by default since 19 because no external tool is required to generate it.

ok, good to know, but is it normal that I get .pdf previews too?
And even if my config file contains:
‘enabledPreviewProviders’ =>
array (
0 => ‘OC\Preview\PNG’,
1 => ‘OC\Preview\JPEG’,
2 => ‘OC\Preview\GIF’,

I’d expect to get only images previews with this settings. Am I wrong?


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hi @anon71540698,
did you find the option for “optional automatic logout”.

In the docs the only option mentioned are ‘auto_logout’ via the config.php file, in the GUI as far as I see there are no options.

No I didn’t.

My understanding is, this is in the same category as Talk v.9 client for Android - announced on June 3rd, still not available…

Auto logout:

I don’t think there is a gui option to enable it.

Hi! I’ve been waiting for Deck integration in Calendar. It was announced, but i can not find where i can enable it. Please help me find an instruction

Yep, you are not the only one, this would be great indeed.
According to this comment from @juliushaertl (thanks for your hard work) the server part is ready, but to make it usable, other areas have to get changes too. So at this moment you cannot use it yet, but an important step has been taken.

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