Nextcloud Hub 5 issues after upgrade

Hello! First of all thanks for great piece of service provided. I’m running Nextcloud on shared hosting and some time ago I upgraded my Nextcloud Hub 4 to version 5. Oveerall everything is working fine besides five things:

  1. Browser hangs when I click on share icon next to file/directory. The tab on the right is opening with running spinner and then after some time the browser (I tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome) informs me that this tab is slowing down the whole brwser and if it should stop it.
  2. When I open Deck app there is no “hamburger” on the left to open a tab with decks list.
  3. I still have old layout of Notes and Contacts app. In the nextcloud note blog there was an info about new layout for those.
  4. CSP issue for loading some bookmark-related js file.
  5. No picker appears when I want to ad emoji using keyboard only (if I understood correctly it should appear after typing “:”).

I tried to remove css and js files and then run occ files:cleanup and occ files:scan-app-data but it didn’t help. I will be grateful for any ideas what to do next.

Nextcloud version: 27.0.2
Operating system and version:
Apache or nginx version: Litespeed Web Server Enterprise 6.0.12
PHP version: 8.1.16

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Your post lacks a question or any context. Did you mean to include more in your post? :slight_smile:

Sorry, all context and question were hidden in “Intro details” section. I moved them outside it now. The main question is: how can I fix listed issues (mostly related to UI)?

Hard to say without details on your infrastructure, config files, logs etc…

As far as I know the LiteSpeed Webserver is not officially supported by Nextcloud. And, of course, Lite Speed doesn’t use any magic to be “faster” than other webservers, but various optimizations and most of all, caching. This can lead to all kinds of issues if configured incorrectly.

Also, Nextcloud is not your typical PHP web application that delivers the same content to tens of thousands of users, like Wordpress and other CMSs, and therefore it needs much more specific optimizations that often aren’t related to the web server at all. Or in other words: In many cases Nextcloud is likely to benefit much less from the specific optimizations that LiteSpeed offers, than a traditional web site would.

So, my guess would be that LiteSpeed doesn’t play nicely with various other caches that might be configured on your system, like e.g. opcache. However, since you’re using a properitary enterprise product, you should probably ask the vendor of that product for support…

Also, most of the users here in the forums are home users and small businesses, that don’t have a need for highly optimized systems, and therfore they don’t use products like the LiteSpeed Webserver. So, I am going to make a bold claim: If you have to ask for support here, you probably don’t need it either, respectively you would most likely be better off with a regular Apache or Nginx setup, or maybe even with an appliance like Nextcloud AIO.

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Right. That’s a valid point of view.