Nextcloud Hub 4 breaks rich workspaces in folders

Just updated to nextcloud hub 4 (26). In web files app, click on a folder and there is no clickable area to start editing folder information. It just says no files in here. I clicked lower left file settings and I do see that rich workspaces is checked. This was working perfectly before the update to nextcloud 26

I have to click the + sign and click “Add description”, then it works. Is this new by design? Is the clickable region not set by default in nextcloud 26?


Afaik this is by design. See here: Rich workspaces: If there is no, don’t show editor placeholder but move into "+" menu · Issue #3209 · nextcloud/text · GitHub

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Oh, it looks like this is a design change. Thank you. Also, would be highly useful to add a date/time stamp icon to the rich text editor. When adding notes, description, etc it’s common to want to date/time stamp the note. Tapping an icon to automatically insert this at the cursor point would be amazing.