Nextcloud hub 3 25.0.1 issue after update

Hello Guys,
after update on Nextcloud Hub 3 i’ve more problem:

  1. no dashboard on web browser yes on nextcloud app
  2. user can’t access on mobile > Access forbidden - State token does not match

Anyone have some issue?

How to resolve?


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I have the same problem, after the update Nextcloud Web portal doesnt show up anymore. The Desktop App doesnt connect also, the only working thing is: Connecting via WebDAV, that works.

edit:// Okay the connecting over WebDAV also doesnt work, my Service is complete down after the Update from to the latest 25 hub Version

edit 2:// My Instance works again i did the following (IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK AND BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE)

  1. I logged in via SSH
  2. I shut down my Webserver in this Case Apache2 (sudo systemctl stop apache2)
  3. I switched to my Nextcloud installation folder (cd /var/www/nextcloud/)
  4. I pasted in the manual upgrade command (sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade)
  5. I started my Apache Webserver again (systemctl start apache2)

After the installation the Upgrade was successful and i can access all my files again over the Web and the Desktop App

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