NextCloud hosting provider in Australia

Hi everyone. There are not that many Nextcloud hosting providers located ‘down under’ in Australia. I have recently started using a provider in Australia for my business who offers nextCloud dedicated servers located in datacenters in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. I have a small server running in Sydney with 10 user accounts and sharing enabled. Service is good; you get your own subdomain and full control over the server, so this is not shared hosting or anything - the server is all yours and yours to manage. You can create as many user accounts as you need and specify max upload file size, encryption, etc. Speed is good and peaks at 50 Mbps typically. Downside is that you need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and will be paying for a complete server and not just a handful of user accounts. Minimum contract duration is 6 months. Server plans are listed on their website:

If you manage your own dedicated server, you can usually rent any dedicated server and run Nextcloud on it. It’s then more a question where to find reasonable offers for dedicated servers in Australia.

OVH has VPS in Australia (Sydney… see APAC VPS), currently even on sale:

Downside is that contrary to their other VPS offers, these come with limited (albeit quite big) traffic volume. is an Australian based NextCloud provider.

Simple user registration and 14 days free trial.