Nextcloud home commercial use?

Hi Nextcloud community,

can I use the Nextcloud home version commercially? Is it allowed, for example, to install Nextcloud on a server and rent it out?

And if so, is it possible to purchase support for this existing installation at a later date?

I thank you in advance?


What are you calling the home version?

There is just one version. The commercial version just comes with support.

I suppose you can get the support anytime you want. If you didn’t configure it properly, or get something other wrong, it might be more complicated to fix it than taking their support in the first place.

Yes, there are just some legal limits, so you can’t say I’m Nextcloud or the official Nextcloud. There are plenty of Nextcloud hoster, I don’t know how many have bought in official support as well. Would be great if such hosters could at least help with maintenance of some apps or documentation or anything to help out the community.

Sorry my mistake, of course I mean the version that can be downloaded from the official Nextcloud website.

Can you give me a link where I can read under what conditions I can use Nextcloud commercially.
And of course I like to help if I can.

Thanks alot KarlF12 and tflidd.

Have a great day.