Nextcloud header logo not changing on iphone app

Hi ,

I have changed the header logo from admin > settings > Themes and this is successfully reflected while login from any web browser but still there is default nextcloud header logo while login from iphone nextcloud app.

Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

What kind of image file are you using for the logo, because it seems that it needs to be of type svg as described in this issue.


I really appreciate your response. Apology to say but I am New baby with Nextcloud but absolutely in love with this. I just tried to upload svg file for header logo and got error โ€œunsupported image typeโ€. I have also tried to upload my logo svg under /img folder but no luck. It would be really great if you could help here.

Thanks in advance.


The header logo on your iOS app will not change anymore.

That has not worked well and feature has been removed again.
See forum and issue tracker for details.


It worked for me on test machine, Not sure how it was working there.


This feature has removed.


Thanks for reply.

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Is this possible in the Android application?