NextCloud Games

I might sound kindof like a kid for saying this, but is anyone working on any Nextcloud game apps?

It might be cool to create an arcade of sorts for employees to login and compete for the top score, create a little competition and leisurely fun in the workplace. It might be the perfect opportunity to bring back old arcade games.

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I was considering writing a chess app, where you could play against other users, a while back, but at the moment I’m quite busy with the calendar. :wink:

If someone else wants to take that idea, I’d definitely contribute. :slight_smile:


Thanks for contribute :nerd_face:

Just starting out with NextCloud on linode. So far like what I see. As forum topic stated, seems like games aren’t getting a lot of love with nextcloud. I’d like to try developing a simple game for nextcloud. Recently my nieces introduced me to a simple puzzle game like mastermind from ancient days, wordle. Not sure if anyone is working on something like this already. Does anyone know if something like this already present or in the works? If not, anyone interested in helping out with it? I have coding exp in python and various other languages but would need a quick tutorial for a simple app like hello world or something. Is there a link for tutorials for nextcloud app development? Particularly game development if different than normal nextcould apps?

I only think that jackpot com source is the one I’m interested in sine I’m not really into gaming. For me, it’s the only reliable platform I can deal with.

As for me, Roblox is the best one when it comes to games. There are great effective roblox scripts for it if you’re interested.