Nextcloud gallery REALLY slow, mysql high cpu, high disk io for writes [FIXED!]

Here’s how I fixed it:

(memcached was already installed)

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Oh no! It got slow again! :frowning:

Can you monitor with system tool top where the performance gets lost (CPU, RAM, HDD (io-wait)) and maybe which process is consuming the resources?
Furthermore, please provide information about your system and also provide system logs and nextcloud log.

Best would be to use the issue template which is available via app:

It helps to not miss out important information so we can help best and much faster.

I changed the caching mode on the hypervisor to writeback AND removed the previews. Now I am regenerating the previews.

Maybe the large number of previews is the bottleneck or maybe the caching method (no ssd). I will come back and tell you.

@schmu the problem comes with lots of files. 10000 files in a directory and nextcloud gets slow :slight_smile: