Nextcloud FTP SMB access for users


I would like to open some videos hosted in my nexcloud server using vlc android application, but the only way to do that in the app is using ftp/smb not webdav, is it possible de install/configure ftp/smb server in nextcloud ?

Thank you


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usually yes. But NC wouldn’t act as a server here but only as a client.

If you wanna install an smb-/ftp server you’d need to do that on level of your OS.

as for android: try opening a sharing-URL in vlc.

Thank you @JimmyKater,
I have already tested “add stream” in VLC with “sharing url” from NC but it doesn’t work !
I’ll test install a ftp server on the nextcloud

be aware that you might decrease security for your server big times by doing so.

I know but I don’t have a choice, I’ll continue to look for another solution

I think the following “German” blog post covers your request in the paragraph " VLC auf dem PC":