NextCloud Forms enhancements request - PAYMENT OFFERED


I (a customer) need some enhancements of the existing Forms app so my requests are of “commercial” type - I’m willing to pay for the required development.

They would like to use the Forms for simple “exams” or “questionnaires” and the existing solution lack a “vital” functionality:

  • send the form link by email to users which who do NOT have an account on the NextCloud instance (now it’s only possible to send to accounts and groups)
  • this link should be “unique” and “one-time” only - so to enforce non-anonymous usage and reports later (the one-time is already supported, as I tried and saw)
  • the possibility to import the email list or use Circles for sharing (to not require manual typing of lot of emails each time)
  • when a form is shared to accounts or groups its currently NOT shown in the Forms menu or anywhere else - it’s accessible only by link (manually sent by mail etc)

There already are some issues opened on Github, namely:

  1. share forms by email (to people NOT having the account on the NextCloud instance which hosting form(s))

This is already done. Just share publicly and send the mails.
Automatic email sending is in #541 and #559

But the proposed “solution” is not acceptable - i need the forms to be named (bond to each contact) and not anonymous, so a unique share link (or other method) should be created for each user

  1. possibility to import the email list for sending the form link or using Circles to share the forms to (to avoid typing a lot of emails each time a new form is shared via emails)

  2. see the shared form when a form is shared to users of the same NextCloud instance
    This is #322 or #364

When a form is shared to a nextCloud account or group it’s not shwn in the user interface… you have to use the link (received by mail) of the original form to access it, and you must be logged-in otherwise just an error is shown

So… I’m willing to offer some kind of “reward”/payment to anyone willing to fix/enhance any of the mentioned issues.

If anyone is interested, please contact me to discuss terms.

Best Regards,

Did you try to contact Nextcloud (the firm)?

Yes… i did…
They suggested to try here, on the forum…
In the meanwhile they’re still “evaluating” if they would/could do that (at least that was the answer i got)


Thank you for letting us know.