Nextcloud for school (Read only user possible?)


I am a begginer in programming and just learning things. I came across nextcloud and found it could be great for our school.

I wanted to deploy nextcloud in my school for subject wise resource (notes, ppts, assignments) sharing. What I want is that:

  1. There be a common nextcloud data interface visible to all, instead of default data storage being given to all users.
  2. Only few users (teachers and admins) should have the write to add/edit/update content in the shared data space. Others (Students) should only be able to access the material.

Is this kind of thing possible in nextcloud?

As far i know only direkt in the OS. What is your plan for the OS?

It is possible
As a teacher or admin, create folders and put your files you want to ReadOnly Share inside.
Then create students accounts
Get back to the folders you’ve created and activate the share functionality.
Share the folders you want to users and select the ReadOnly mode.

You can create groups of users that is more easy to manage for sharing than a list of users to enter each time you want to share.


Hmmmm clear, thats not in my head but sure thats the way/solution

Look into group folders. this will basically do what you want. Together with nextcloud you can also run moodle that is built for schools.

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it wont turn of the users own local folder but it will add the possibility of using a shared folder for a group where teachers get write access and students get read only.

Also look into the circles app for creating loos group of users to share files with (assignments to small group can be one example)

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where do you set group folders read only? couldn’t find it. do you have a screenshot?


In this screenshot uncheck write, share and delete, this wikl give you a read only folder for the group you specify.


It will look like this for the user:

You can also add ACL and get fine tune permissions on a folder and files and folder below it as well.

thanks! found it. (hope nextcloud will improve the gui. :wink: )


@Reiner_Nippes finding readn only is easier than finding out how to nest group folder and build a tree structure :slight_smile:

Thanks @SmallOne I will test out group folders as well as moodle integration of NextCloud.
You have been of great help :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nemskiller I will try out groups of users.
You have been of great help :slight_smile: