Nextcloud for Raspberry Pi (a 3 model B)


I’ve had a couple of Nextcloud installations so far (in VMs running on a VM platform I run myself) where I’ve manually installed it and never been super convinced that I’ve properly met every dependency or security consideration… so I usually slap a great big firewall in front of it to limit it to only IPs I know I’ll come from… then unfortunately use Dropbox for anything where I may need to come from any IP.

Since I’m looking to completely redo that VM platform I’m going to run Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B for the time being whilst I’m moving stuff around… this also gives me a good opportunity to look at how a properly installed Nextcloud looks.

I’ve noticed there are two ways (at least, tell me if there are more) that the Nextcloud project officially endorses to get Nextcloud on to a Pi. One is “Nextcloud Snappy” which seems to be used by the “Nextcloud Box” but you can download it on your own Pi anyway… and another is what looks to be a community project that has since gone official… Nextcloud Pi…

Which is the better route (or another? as long as it is official / endorsed by the project)… for something that will
a) be secure if I left it public
b) demonstrate a good/sane installation base (in terms of how the image was prepared)



Nextcloud Pi. Nextcloud Pi. Nextcloud Pi. ncp-web is so feature rich and can be run as a terminal or web app. This project has grown beyond the Pi to support all single board arm style devices, x86-64 computers in general and is available as a curl/docker script. It literally couldn’t be easier to properly setup, including ssl, external storage, firewall, dns, static ip, backup and restore functionality, assisted upgrades, etc.