NEXTCLOUD folder and files are Read-Only

I am trying to enable LDAP authentication in NextCloud and the PHP.INI file located in /snap/nextcloud/16739/php is not writeable.

I have edited the file to enable the extension=php_ldap.dll but when I try to save the file it says “Error ‘php.ini’ is unwriteable”.

I am not a Linux GuRu so I need some help. I have taken ownership of the nextcloud folder as administrator and not root to see if that would help but nada…

Performed the edit as “root” and nada. It seems I cannot change the permissisions on the /snap/nextcloud folder.

Thanks for any help!

I am not a Linux GuRu so I need some help.

Reinstall on bare metal. Install a LAMP stack, configure it, install nextcloud and go from there.

SNAP/Docker should be avoided by inexperienced Linux users. It works fine until you need to modify things and then you need the knowledge to fix it.

I don’t use snap but a quick 25 second search on google said the file system is immutable with snap, meaning you can’t edit files.

Good luck!