Nextcloud Files not download from Chrome Laptop but working on everything else

I’m facing this problem on all of my files(all are zip). When I click the download button(from my site) on my Chrome Laptop, it just opens a new window, loads for a second, and close without downloading the file. I told my friend to check the link and he said the same, so I think the IP is not a problem.

I tried disabling the safe browsing but still the same. Then I went to Safari and it worked well, same on the Chrome and Safari mobile(iPhone and Android). So, I think the problem isn’t in the link or the download button, but there is something else I don’t understand.

Another weird thing is, if I right-click and copy the link URL and paste it in Chrome, it downloads the file but not when clicked on the button or the ahref link. Weird but true. I am leaving a link below just to let you check what’s happening… I don’t know whether it’ll show the same problem or not(but it should).

Edit - Message me to get the link!

Would help if you supplied the content of the ‘issue’ template and relevant NC server logs.

Solved, just add HTTPS and it’ll work!