Nextcloud files deleted from server after editing nextcloud.cfg

Yesterday, I edited the nextcloud.cfg file on my Mac to enable the virtual disk beta feature. I added the string ‘ShowExperimentalOptions=true’. This morning, I found my account completely empty, without any files, only the folder structure remained.
I have a complete system backup, but if I restore it, I am afraid that any data added by other users in the meantime will be lost. Is there any way to prevent this from happening

Does restore from trash not work?

trash is empty

Be prepared to hit some malfunction if you use “experimental” options… without knowing what happened nobody can say anything. If there was a client issue the files should go into server trash bin… (but this might be too small - review your quota settings)

I remember in the past there was similar bug in Windows version

I definitely recommend you to troubleshoot further and report an issue at github so VFS support on Mac becomes more stable.