Nextcloud Files and gocryptfs/cppcryptfs

Just asking because my current implementation looks cumbersome, so maybe there is a better way to implement this but let’s start from beginning.

So I’m using nextcloud on a free tier provider offered from the nextcloud signup page, and my system is running win 10.

I’ve set up the NextCloud Client and it works perfectly as intended, so I have the nextcloud folder I’ve designated correctly mounted at:

C:\Users\<winUserName>\Nextcloud\<nextcloud user name>\<nextcloud provider>\<my mounted remote folder>\

I wanted to add an encryption layer using gocryptfs, actually cppcryptfs because that’s what is only available on windows.

So I created a normal folder <crypted folder> under <my mounted remote folder> and there I’ve created a cppcrypt volume using the cppcryptfs gui:


This also worked nicely, I also later mounted the cppcryptfs folder as a localX:\<cppcryptfs drive> and this too works nicely. So no real issue here.

The cumbersome… redundant part is that I now have mounted in my system both:

  1. in clear<my mounted remote folder>, with its encrypted subfolder <crypted folder> storing the cppcryptfs volume
  2. the cppcrypt volume decrypted and mounted as independant drive X:\<cppcryptfs drive>

What I would like is to avoid mounting the clear folder (1.) and only mount the cppcryptfs drive, so I’m wondering if anyone is aware if this is possible and if so then could he be also kind enough to explain me how :slight_smile:

The software used in the whole process are:

To give you some perspective it should be similar to using Cryptomator, alas I’ve never used this yet, and I’m using the encrypted folder to store credentials.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: I think it was probably possible using DokanCloudFS, listed from Dokany web page and always on github, see viciousviper/DokanCloudFS (sorry not sure I can link, I might have reached the cap of links per post as 0 trust tier user)