Nextcloud + Filelink + Thunderbird + GPG = Broken images in received encrypted message

Not sure if this is a bug on your end

I picked this screenshot because sometimes even the paperclip image is broken. I confirmed the two images for paperclip and nextcloud logo work when mail is sent unencrypted

Plugin works fine just the images in the body of an encrypted email are intermittently broken perhaps there is a more reliable way to insert the pretty images for the attachment links?

Great work,
thanks in advance!

mail sent and received with
OSX 10.12.6
Thunderbird 52.5.2
TB plugin Enigmail 1.99
TB plugin Filelink 1.7
Nextcloud server 12.0.4 FreeBSD (NON PORT version rater installed via source download on

Hmm i would advise you to replicate the Error, then please paste the relevant lines (if there are some about thunderbird’s request) from the webserver’s access.log file on your server, normally stored in /var/log/{serverbrandname}/access.log

Please also press control+s to save the e-mail as html to a file, then try to find the relevant picture url and paste it here.

Please don’t mask the log lines and the url (exept domain). You can use a test-file so that your privacy is protected :slight_smile: