Nextcloud File Sharing/linking

Munster University created a plugin set which effectively allowed a user to not only link Moodle to OwnCloud/NextCloud, but to also thereby allow Teachers to pick files from The repository, create access controlled links and, probably the most important feature was to create dynamic file linking. This last feature meant that when you updated a file on your local PC, the desktop client them synced the file with the server which then automatically up-dated the file on Moodle. This feature is a truly awesome feature and saves users of Moodle, teachers in particular, from having to create manual file links in NextCloud, and pasting these in Moodle.
I know for many, many teachers and user of Moodle if NextCloud could build this feature into their own system, then you would have a really delighted bunch of users who would see it as an amazing product.
The code for this feature can be found here: GitHub - learnweb/moodle-repository_owncloud: [ARCHIVE] Starting Moodle 3.6, our plugin ships with Moodle! Use this: Also see here: Moodle plugins directory: ownCloud