Nextcloud File Management

Hi everyone! I am Jason

I was wondering how do you prevent a user that I shared a folder/file with not to be able to remove the folder/file ?

How to prevent new user to get the Nextcloud Manual.pdf everytime a Zimbra mail user login to Nextcloud ?

Thank you,

Please see the sharing options while sharing. Simply remove the tick at “can edit”.

You can change which files that a users home directory gets populated with by changing the skeleton dir. Make a new dir somewhere and add what you would like new users to get.

I just found out this is a problem.

My Windows 10 Google Chrome is unable to see “can edit, can reshare, et cetera”

While my MacOS Safari is able to see it and modify it.

I use two accounts both on the laptops and show same results on each respective laptop.

I was wondering is this a glitch or not.