Nextcloud file location in TrueNAS?

I have instance of Nextcloud setup as a plugin inside of TrueNAS CORE. Everything works and I am able to upload files, however I want to map a file location on my laptop so that I can save a item inside and it automatically appears inside of Nextcloud, but I am unable to locate the folder in which this data is stored within. Any help would be appreciated

You should use the Nextcloud client for this. Directly accessing Nextcloud’s data folder should be avoided whenever possible.

As to your question, I don’t know where it is on TrueNAS. Is it using the Docker container?

@KarlF12 TrueNAS Core, which is based on FreeBSD, uses iocage or Jails as they call it in the FreeBSD world. It’s something like the FreeBSD equivalent to Linux containers.

@asuresh5 I don’t use any plugins on my TrueNAS box, so I can’t offer detailed help, but according to the documentation, the first time you go to the Plugins menu it prompts you to select a location on the system for storing Jail related data. By default, this location stores all data related to jails and plugins, including downloaded applications, data managed by the jail or plugin, and any jail snapshots. But as @KarlF12 already said, you should avoid accessing the files in the data folder directly, and use a web browser, a WebDAV connection, or the Netxloud desktop client instead.

Hi. You should install nextcloud external storage app to map location outside the jail

The TrueNAS PlugIn has this ones:

[zfs-pool]/iocage/jails/[JAILNAME]/usr/local/etc/letsencrypt/live/truenas/ /certs









if you want to use mountpoints so the destination should be [zfs-pool]/iocage/jails/[JAILNAME]/[destination]

i’m playing with distributing the db and files on multiple instances ‘_’

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